Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The New Joan Holloway isn't a Size 4

Christina Hendricks may not have been the most well-known model or actress, but Joan Holloway, the office manager she plays in AMC's smash hit "Mad Men", is #1 in Google's "hot trends"!

Google Hot Trends is a relatively new feature for sharing the the hottest current searches in very close to real time. What's on our collective mind as we search for information? What's interesting to people right now? Hot Trends will tell you.

Anyway, back to Joan Holloway.

Striking redhead, Hendricks, in an interview with Page Six Magazine, said,"No one will send me dresses. Designers loan size 2 or 4 samples to actresses, but I'm not that size. It's like I'm a freak because I'm curvy and I can't squeeze into those things. I've had some problems with that."

She's even been criticised for having "fat ankles"!

Ahhh, so NOW I know why I've never been chosen for star parts in hot TV shows - I spend too much time at my computer, and end up with fat ankles ....

Anyway, the men on the show (and I would hesitate to guess off-set too) are not at all critical of Joan's curves and the way they fit so well into the classic 60's style body-hugging suits and dresses that the Office Manager at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency wears to work.

So, cheers to the new generation of womenly actresses, and lets leave Twiggy and the like back in the 60's.